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Theory of gravity


The course is for two semesters, during which 22 seminar classes will be held. Each session, part of the time spent will be allocated for students' reports on the field of study, the rest will be spent on solving problems. Some problems may be left for separate study with mandatory handing during periodical tests and constructing the exam (of the theor. minimum).

Director Viznyuk Oleksandr Volodimirovich.

Course files

Course program

Еxaminational questions


  • Assignment 1 (Newtonian Gravity, Lorentz transformations and special theory of relativity)
  • Assignment 2 (Einstein's equivalence principle, manifolds, tensors, metrics)
  • Assignment 3 (metric tensor, integration of forms, covariant derivative and geodesic equations)
  • Assignment 4 (Riemann curvature tensor and its properties)
  • Assignment 5 (Li derivative and Keeling's vector fields)
  • Assignment 6 (submanifolds and hypersurfaces)
  • Assignment 7 (Einstein's equation, Newton's research)
  • Assignment 8 (spherically symmetric solutions of Einstein's equations, the Schwarzschild metric)
  • Assignment 9 (maximum extension of the Schwarzschild solution, the solution Reisner-Nordström)
  • Assignment 10 (linearized theory of gravity and gravitational waves)
  • Assignment 11