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Shtanov Yuriy Volodimirovich


Senior lead researcher, doctor of physical and mathemathical sciences (defended in 1991.)

Department of astrophysics and elementary particles
Phone: 521-34-53
BITP: room 214

Topics of bachelor's and master's theses (generic name of the subject):

  1. Modified Gravity and Cosmology
  2. Heatup of the universe after the inflation

Main publications from theses' topics:

  1. Yu. Shtanov and V. Sahni, "Generalizing the Cosmic Energy Equation",
    Phys. Rev. D 82, 101503(R) (2010),
  2. K. Krasnov and Yu. Shtanov,
    "Cosmological perturbations in a family of deformations of general relativity",
    JCAP 06, 006 (2010),
  3. Yu. Shtanov, J. Traschen and R. Brandenberger, "Universe reheating after inflation",
    Phys. Rev. D 51, 5438 (1995),