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Filippov Gennadiy Fedorovich


Head of department of the structure of atomic nuclei, professor, doctor of physical and mathemathical sciences

«The continuous spectrum of light atomic nuclei has been an interesting and important issue for many years that attracted the attention of theoreticians and experimentalists. Explanation for that is simple. These nuclei, tend to have only a small number of states of the discrete spectrum. The overwhelming majority of their excited states are in the continuum. 

The principal complications that arise in the study of the continuous spectrum were overcome by the members of our department. Although the tasks are slowly becoming more complicated and development of new aproaches that ease the use of already found methods and create the conditions for studying ven more complex nuclear systems is becoming required.

Those, who would like to participate in studying the continuous spectrum of light nuclei, are welcome to solve some problems, the solving of which would help uncover the "secret" behind the method, proposed by the members of the department of the structure of nuclei. In these tasks, which are presented here, real conditions are in their most simplistic terms, but in such a way, that the fundamental features of the nuclear system are preserved.

We will consider a one-dimensional Schrödinger equation with the potential energy of attraction of Gaussian type ... "


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