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School-practice «Physics of cold gases», June 30 - July 3, BITP, Kyiv


                 Scientific and Educational Center of the Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics


                            School-practice on physics of cold gases

June 30 – July 3,  Bogolyubov ITP of NAS of Ukraine

June 30, 14-00, room 221,

1.    Bose-condensation of trapped ideal Bose gas. Thermodynamics. Types of traps. (speaker E. Kuryatnikov).

July 1, 13-00, room 221,

1.    Bogolyubov theory for non-ideal Bose gas. The Gross–Pitaevskii equation  (speaker O.Matsishyn).
2.    Model of non-ideal Bose gas in presence of dissipation (speaker O.Kashuba).

July 2 , 13-00, room 221,
1.    Introduction to 1D model of non-ideal Bose gas: exact solution (speaker M.Semeniakin).
2.    Introduction to theory of quantum walks (speaker  Ya. Gerasimenko).

July 3, 13-00, room 221,
1.    The Penleve equation in 1D model of non-ideal Bose gas (speaker  Yu. Zhuravliov).